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Dr. Mary Bourke

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Senior Scientist

Currently resides in Dublin, Ireland
mbourke [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Mars
Disciplines/Techniques: Field Work, Geomorphology

Research Interests

Dr. Mary Bourke's goal is to better understand geomorphic processes in extreme environments (deserts on Earth and on Mars) and during extreme events (floods, mass wasting). She conducts field studies in Australia, Africa, Ireland and the USA.  

Professional History

After receiving her PhD in 1999 from the Australian National University in Quaternary and Regolith Studies, Dr. Bourke was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, Smithsonian Institution, in Washington DC. She served as a Lecturer at Oxford before joining PSI in 2003. She has been an associate editor for Aeolian Research, and on the Editorial Advisory Board for Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. She has also served on numerous mission and research proposal panels as Group Chair and reviewer. She has been the Coordinator of the IAG Working Group on Planetary Geomorphology. In addition to being a Senior Scientist at PSI, Dr. Bourke is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Trinity College Dublin.

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