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Dr. Isaac B. Smith

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Currently resides in Lakewood, CO
ibsmith [at]
Areas of Expertise
Mars | MRO | Instrument Co-Investigator, Science operations | Atmospheres, Climate, Education/Public Outreach, Geology, Geomorphology, Radar

Research Interests

I serve as the System Scientist for the US SHARAD team and a Co-Investigator for SHARAD on Mars Reconnaissnace Orbiter. My research focuses on sedimentary systems on Mars, especially related to the polar layered deposits, or ice caps. Primarily I use data from the shallow radar (SHARAD) instrument in Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to look for reflections beneath the surface of Mars. These reflections tell us about the geophysical makeup of the deposits and the geometry in which they were deposited. Some other instruments I use regularly are the Mars Orbiter Laster Altimeter (MOLA), the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE).

Professional History

Honors and Awards

2015             NASA Group Achievement Award for “Excellence in developing and executing the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Comet Siding Spring Observing Campaign”

2013-2014     J. William Fulbright Scholar international exchange fellowship

2012             Steven E. Dwornik Geological Society of America Best Graduate Poster 43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX

2011             Jackson School of Geosciences Best Student Paper University of Texas at Austin

2010-2013     NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship University of Texas at Austin

Fall 2009       Outstanding Student Paper Award, Planetary Science American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Fall 2008       Gale White Graduate Student Academic Fellowship University of Texas Institute for Geophysics

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