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Dr. Don Davis

drd's picture

Senior Scientist

Currently resides in AZ
drd [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Asteroids, Moon, Vesta
Disciplines/Techniques: Celestial Mechanics, Ground-based observing, Numerical modeling
Missions: Apollo

Research Interests

Dr. Donald R. Davis is interested in the origin and evolution of the planetary system. He conducts hypervelocity impact experiments using the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range and applies dynamical theory and computational modeling to study planetesimal accretion and the collisional history of asteroids, satellites, and particles in planetary rings. He is also involved in ground-based observations of asteroids and infrared searches for intra- Mercurian bodies. He is actively involved with light pollution issues. 

Professional History

Dr. Davis is a founder of PSI and former director. He is the past president of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) and chaired the Pima County Outdoor Lighting Committee. 

Honors and Awards

Minor Planet 3638 Davis
1970, Presidential Medal of Freedom to the Apollo XIII Mission Operations Team

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