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Dr. Sanlyn Buxner

buxner's picture

Senior Education and Communication Specialist and Senior Scientist

Currently resides in AZ
buxner [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Earth, Meteorites, Moon
Disciplines/Techniques: Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Field Work
Missions: LRO, Lucy, Mars Odyssey, Phoenix Mars Lander

Research Interests

Dr. Sanlyn Buxner's current research interests include examining issues related to scientific literacy; how to measure it and investigating how it is changed by education, outreach, and online media. Additionally she investigates how science research experiences can be used to improve both science understanding and empowerment of teachers and students.

Professional History

Dr. Buxner has worked in space science education and public outreach since 1996. Over the last twenty years she has worked in formal and informal education in science museums, outdoor schools, and universities. Between 2005 and 2009, she worked as the Education and Public Outreach Specialist for the Mars Odyssey Gamma Ray Spectrometer and NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander. In these positions, she conducted classroom outreach, curriculum development, teacher workshops, public tours, summer camps, and public and research presentations in the US and abroad. She is currently the Public Engagement Lead for the NASA SSERVI TREX ( and Director of Outreac for the SHIELD DRIVE Center (

In addition to her work at PSI, she teaches science and research methodology courses and works with graduate students at the University of Arizona.

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