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Beth Johnson

bjohnson's picture

Social Media Manager and Communication Specialist

Currently resides in CA
bjohnson [at]

Research Interests

Meteors, meteor showers, asteroid and comets.

Icy moons. Galilean moons.


Public Science Engagement.

Science Communication.

Professional History

Undergraduate research with Dr. Carolus Boekema (SJSU) on earthquake precursor signals in MgO.

Completed 10-week internship at SETI Institute under Dr. Peter Jenniskens in 2013. 

Undergraduate research with Dr. Aaron Romanowsky (SJSU) on galaxy evolution.

Presented posters at AAS in January (SETI) and June (SJSU) 2014. 

Graduted from SJSU with a bacherlor's in physics, double minors in astronomy and math, in 2015.

Joined SETI Institute as contracted Social Media Coordinator in 2015.

Attended geology master's program at SJSU 2016-2019. 

Joined PSI in 2020.

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