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Bruce Barraclough

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Senior Scientist Emeritus

Currently resides in HI
barraclough [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Mars, Moon, Solar particles/Solar wind
Missions: ACE, Cassini, Dawn, GENESIS, Lunar Prospector, Ulysses
Mission Roles: Calibration/Test planning, Data validation, Deputy Instrument PI, Instrument operations, Instrument PI
Instruments: Gamma-ray detectors, Neutron detectors, Plasma spectrometers

Research Interests

Dr. Barraclough's current research interests range from terrestrial gamma flashes, solar neutron emission and solar wind composition to defense-related science topics. 

Professional History

Since 1986, Dr. Barraclough has been involved in all aspects of the design, fabrication, testing and calibration of spaceflight neutron, gamma-ray, plasma, neutral-particle and LIBS instrumentation. Additionally, he has considerable experience in instrument and project management, mission planning and operations, payload accommodation, integration and S/C-level testing, in-flight sensor operations, ground data systems and the reduction and analysis of returned data. Bruce has been the Project and Operations Manager for the ChemCam investigation (a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument) on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory mission. He was also the Project Manager for the DAWN/GRaND neutron/gamma-ray investigation. He was the PI for the neutron spectrometers and Co-I for the plasma instruments on a series of DoD spacecraft (DSP and SABRS programs). He was the PI for the GEM and GIM solar wind spectrometers that flew onboard the NASA Genesis spacecraft and Co-I for the SABRS/SAND neutron detector. He has also served in various roles for instruments on several other NASA, ESA, and DoD missions including: CRRES/LOMICS, DSP/APS, Ulysses/SWOOPS, Cassini/CAPS/IBS, Cluster/PEACE, Polar/TIDE, Lunar Prospector/SPECS and ACE/SWEPAM, among others. 

Honors and Awards

LANL Distinguished Performance Awards, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2012
LANL Distinguished Patent Award, 1983
LANL Inventor Award, 1981, 1982
Numerous NASA and ESA Certificates of Merit and Group Achievement Awards

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