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PSI Staff Directory

Staff Photo

PSI members at retreat, left to right, Front Row (seated): Georgiana Kramer & Gozer, Amber Grav, Tommy Grav and son Ragnar (2), Sarah Sonnett and daughter Djuna (4), Eva Lilly with Elizabeth (3), Xiao-Duan Zou and daughter Peggy (4). 2nd Row: Mark Sykes, Susie Murph, Elisabeth Adams, Emilie Royer, Candy Hansen (seated), Dorothy Oehler (seated), Amanda Hendrix (seated), Kristina Lopez (seated), Sanlyn Buxner, Kelly Yoder, Kimberly Foote. 3rd Row: Amanda Sickafoose, Oz Pathare, Bea Mueller, Dan Berman, Bruce Barnett, Darby Dyar. 4th Row: Bill Feldman, Chun Wu, Amara Graps. 5th Row: David Hornisher, Jim Richardson, Jr. , Joe Spitale, Thea Cañizo. 6th Row: Jesse Stone, Gavin Nelson, Frank Chuang, Hanna Sizemore, Cindy Little,Henry Hsieh, Roger Clark. 7th Row: Sam Courville, Neil Pearson, Liz Jensen, Steve Clifford. 8th Row: Steve Wood, John Weirich, Yuki Yamashita. 9th Row: Stu Weidenschilling, Than Putzig, Norbert Schorghofer. 10th Row: Alan Fischer, Gareth Morgan, Kevin Webster, Lauren Giebler. 11th Row: Bob Nelson, Oleg Abramov, Eric Palmer, Alexis Rodriguez. Left Balcony: Stephen Scheidt, Scott Mest, Mike Drum, Matt Perry, Dianne Janis, Chris Holmberg, Zach Bain, Annie Wilson, Pamela Gay, Larry Lebofsky, Jeff Morgenthaler, Tom Prettyman, Bryan Travis. Right Balcony: Terrill Yuhas, Julianne Herrera, Ed Jackson (crouching), Maui Balistreri (crouching), Nick Ambrose, Dave Vaniman, Nalin Samarasinha, Ed Tedesco, Patricia Craig, Deborah Domingue, Jeff Kargel, Gretchen Benedix, Pasquale Tricarico, Faith Vilas, and Linda Rueger. Photograph by Gil Esquerdo.

NOTE: An asterisk (*) after a name denotes that an asteroid has been named in their honor. Click on the asterisk to view full details of the designation.

Name Title Location
oabramov's picture
Dr. Oleg Abramov
Senior Scientist Dunedin, New Zealand
adams's picture
Dr. Elisabeth Adams
Associate Research Scientist Somerville, MA
aharonson's picture
Dr. Oded Aharonson
Senior Scientist Rehovot, Israel
camos's picture
Chance Amos
Research Associate Houston, TX
andre's picture
Dr. Sarah Andre
Senior Scientist Washington, DC
artemeva's picture
Dr. Natalia Artemieva
Senior Scientist Tucson, AZ
zbain's picture
Zach Bain
Research Assistant Lakewood, CO
mbakerman's picture
Maya Bakerman
Research Assistant Tucson, AZ
abaldridge's picture
Dr. Alice Baldridge
Senior Scientist Oakland, CA
maui's picture
Maui Balistreri
Chief Operating Officer Tucson, AZ
balta's picture
J. Brian Balta
Associate Research Scientist Ithaca, NY
barnett's picture
Bruce Barnett
Chief Financial Officer Tucson, AZ
amlinar's picture
Dr. Amy C. Barr Mlinar
Senior Scientist Belgrade, Serbia
barraclough's picture
Bruce Barraclough
Senior Scientist Emeritus Kapaa, HI
sbell's picture
Dr. Samuel Bell
Associate Research Scientist Providence, RI
sbender's picture
Steve Bender
Senior Research Associate Los Alamos, NM
susank's picture
Dr. Susan Benecchi
Senior Scientist Herndon, VA
gbenedix's picture
Dr. Gretchen Benedix
Senior Scientist Perth, Australia
bermandc's picture
Dan Berman
Senior Scientist Tucson, AZ
bishop's picture
Dr. Mark Bishop
Associate Research Scientist & Senior Education and Communication Specialist Goodwood, Australia
pbuhler's picture
Dr. Peter Buhler
Research Scientist Covina, CA
tburbine's picture
Tom Burbine
Senior Research Associate South Hadley, MA
buxner's picture
Dr. Sanlyn Buxner
Senior Education and Communication Specialist and Senior Scientist Tucson, AZ
ncastle's picture
Dr. Nicholas Castle
Associate Research Scientist Scottsdale, AZ
mchojnacki's picture
Dr. Matthew Chojnacki
Research Scientist Lakewood, CO
chuang's picture
Frank Chuang
Senior Research Associate & Licensed Software Specialist Phoenix, AZ
rclark's picture
Dr. Roger Clark
Senior Scientist Lakewood, CO
sclifford's picture
Dr. Steve Clifford
Senior Scientist Houston, TX
swcourville's picture
Samuel Courville
Research Associate Tempe, AZ
pcraig's picture
Dr. Patricia Craig
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Myrtle Beach, SC
crown's picture
Dr. David A. Crown
Senior Scientist Tucson, AZ
drd's picture
Dr. Don Davis
Senior Scientist Tucson, AZ
mdeval's picture
Dr. Miguel de Val-Borro
Associate Research Scientist Princeton, NJ
domingue's picture
Dr. Deborah Domingue Lorin
Senior Scientist & Deputy Director Bel Air, MD
ddorf's picture
David Dorf
Research Assistant, Junior Myrtle Beach, SC
mdrum's picture
Mike Drum
Software Programmer Tucson, AZ
mdyar's picture
Dr. Darby Dyar
Senior Scientist Amherst, MA
feldman's picture
Dr. Bill Feldman
Senior Scientist Emeritus Tucson, AZ
jfeng's picture
Dr. Jianqing Feng
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Dallas, TX
fischer's picture
Alan Fischer
Public Information Officer Tucson, AZ
kfoote's picture
Kimberly Foote
Office Manager Tucson, AZ
rgaskell's picture
Dr. Bob Gaskell
Senior Scientist Altadena, CA
plg's picture
Dr. Pamela Gay
Senior Education and Communication Specialist and Senior Scientist Edwardsville, IL
rghent's picture
Dr. Rebecca Ghent
Senior Scientist Portland, OR
goldspiel's picture
Dr. Jules Goldspiel
Senior Scientist Silver Spring, MD
graps's picture
Dr. Amara Graps
Senior Scientist Riga, Latvia
jgrier's picture
JA Grier
Senior Scientist & Senior Education and Communication Specialist Columbia, MD
grinspoon's picture
Dr. David Grinspoon
Senior Scientist Washington, DC
nader's picture
Dr. Nader Haghighipour
Senior Scientist Honolulu, HI
cjhansen's picture
Dr. Candice Hansen
Senior Scientist Ivins, UT


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