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Dr. Stephen E. Wood

Research Interests

Dr. Stephen Wood's research interests include polar ice, frost, and/or ground ice on Mars, Mercury, Ceres, the Moon, and asteroids as well as surface properties and evolution on icy satellites, regolith thermophysics, ice clouds and crystal growth, climate dynamics, astrobiology, and instrumentation design for planetary spacecraft missions and laboratory use. 


(Contact me, swood [at], for copies of any of the following publications)

Wood, S. E. (2020). A mechanistic model for the thermal conductivity of planetary regolith: 1. The effects of particle shape, composition, cohesion, and compression at depth. Icarus, 352, 113964.

Igbinosun, O., A. P. Bruckner, and S. E. Wood (2018). EXPRESS: In situ measurements of water content for sub-surface planetary applications using near-infrared internal reflection spectroscopy (IRS) with a multimode optical fiber. Appl. Spectrosc. 2018 Jan 1:3702818781868. doi: 10.1177/0003702818781868.

Bierson, C. J., R. J. Phillips, I. B. Smith, S. E. Wood, N. E. Putzig, D. Nunes, and S. Byrne (2016). Stratigraphy and evolution of the buried CO2 deposit in the Martian south polar cap. Geophys. Res. Letters, 43, 4172-4179, doi: 10.1002/2016GL068457.

Zent, A. P., M. H. Hecht, T. L. Hudson, S. E. Wood, and V. F. Chevrier (2016). A revised calibration function and results for the Phoenix mission TECP relative humidity sensor. J. Geophys. Res.: Planets, 121, doi:10.1002/2015JE004933.

Bapst, J., J. L. Bandfield, and S. E. Wood (2015). Hemispheric asymmetry in Martian seasonal surface water ice from MGS TES. Icarus, 260, 396-408, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.07.025.

Igbinosun, O. J., S. E. Wood, and A.P. Bruckner (2013). Interfacial water as a Mars ISRU objective:  Detection of microscopic water using fiber optic sensors. 51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Mtg., Grapevine, TX, Jan. 7-10, 2013, Paper AIAA 2013-0437, pp. 1-7.

Sefton-Nash, E., D. C. Catling, S. E. Wood, P. M. Grindrod, and N. A. Teanby (2012). Topographic, spectral and thermal inertia analysis of interior layered deposits in Iani Chaos, Mars. Icarus, 221, 20-43.

Zent, A. P., T. L. Hudson, M. H. Hecht, D. Cobos, and S. E. Wood (2010). Initial results of the thermal and electrical conductivity probe (TECP) on Phoenix. J. Geophys. Res.: Planets, 115, E00E14, doi:10.1029/2009JE003420.

Whiteway, J. A., L. Komguem, C. Dickinson, C. Cook, M. Illnicki, J. Seabrook, V. Popovici, T. J. Duck, R. Davy, P. A. Taylor, J. Pathak, D. Fisher, A. I. Carswell, M. Daly, V. Hipkin, A. P. Zent, T. L. Hudson, M. H. Hecht, S. E. Wood, L. K. Tamppari, N. Renno, J. E. Moores, M. T. Lemmon, F. Daerden, P. H. Smith (2009). Mars water-ice clouds and precipitation. Science, 325, 68-70.

Zent, A. P., M. Hecht, D. Cobos, G. Cardell, M. C. Foote, S. E. Wood, and M. Mehta (2009). The Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Probe (TECP) for Phoenix. J. Geophys. Res.: Planets, 114, E00A27, doi:10.1029/2007JE00305.

Kargel, J. S., R. Furfaro, O. Preito-Ballesteros, J. Alexis, P. Rodriguez, D. R. Montgomery, A. R. Gillespie, G. M. Marion, and S. E. Wood (2007). Martian hydrogeology sustained by thermally insulating gas and salt hydrates. Geology, 35, 975-978.

Catling, D. C., S. E. Wood, C. B. Leovy, D. R. Montgomery, H. Greenberg, C. R. Glein, and J. M. Moore (2006). Light-toned layered deposits in Juventae Chasma, Mars. Icarus, 181, 26-51.

Wood, S. E., B. D. Swanson, and M. B. Baker (2002). Instrument for studies of homogeneous and heterogeneous ice nucleation in free-falling supercooled water droplets. Reviews of Scientific Instruments 73 (11), 3988-3996.

Wood, S. E., M. B. Baker, and D. Calhoun (2001). New model for the vapor growth of hexagonal ice crystals in the atmosphere. J. Geophys. Res.: Atmospheres, 106, 4845-4870.

Clifford, S. M., et al. (incl. S. E. Wood), (2000). The state and future of Mars polar science and exploration. Icarus 144, 210-242, doi:10.1006/icar.1999.6290.

Vasavada, A. R., D. A. Paige, and S. E. Wood (1999). Near-surface temperatures on Mercury and the Moon and the stability of polar ice deposits. Icarus 141, 179-193.

Paige, D. A. and S. E. Wood (1992). Modeling the Martian seasonal CO2 cycle 2: Interannual variability. Icarus, 99, 15-27.

Wood, S. E. and D. A. Paige (1992). Modeling the Martian seasonal CO2 cycle 1: Fitting the Viking Lander pressure curves. Icarus, 99, 1-14.

Paige, D. A., S. E. Wood, and A. R. Vasavada (1992). The thermal stability of water ice at the poles of Mercury. Science, 258, 643-646.

Ph.D. Thesis:

Wood, S. E. (1999). Nucleation and growth of CO2 ice crystals in the Martian atmosphere. Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles. (UMI No. 9926317)

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