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Stuart J. Weidenschilling Personal/Professional Page


Dr. Stuart J. Weidenschilling, Senior Scientist Emeritus, retired from active research after a career of 41 years at the Planetary Science Insttitute. During that time he conducted theoretical research on the origin of the solar system, particularly the aerodynamic interactions of solid bodies and gas in the primordial solar nebula, and the formation of planetesimals. He also conducted numerical simulations of the accretion of planetesimals into planets, using a unique multi-zone computer code. Drs. Weidenschilling and Davis used this code to investigate the formation and thermal histories of asteroids, the evolution of comets in the Kuiper belt, the formation of Jupiter, and other problems of cosmogony.  Dr. Weidenschilling also studied the formation of extra-solar planets. He has served on the editorial board of Icarus, the international journal of planetary science, and on numerous NASA review panels. He is a fellow of both the American Geophysical Union and the Meteoritical Society, and asteroid 3639 Weidenschilling is named for him.

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