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Larry Lebofsky Personal/Professional Page


As a planetary astronomer, I have scientific expertise in a number of areas, in particular, observational studies of terrestrial planets, planetary satellites, and small solar system bodies. In addition, for the last 18 years, I have been heavily involved in all areas of E/PO. I have made hundreds of hands-on presentations to thousands of elementary and middle school students. I have helped design and teach numerous professional development workshops for hundreds of K-12 teachers and Girl Scout leaders and developed hands-on, inquiry-based activities that are being used by thousands of teachers around the United States as well as in other countries and co-write a monthly newsletter that goes to more than a hundred Girl Scout leaders and educators. I have also taught at the undergraduate level and have been involved in the design and teaching of classes for future teachers. In addition to this, I am also Co-editor of Meteorite magazine which gives me direct contact with nearly a thousand professional meteoriticists, meteorite dealers and collectors, as well as others who are just interested in meteorites.


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