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Dr. John Weirich has mostly studied shocked meteorites and terrestrial impact products, but has also been involved in small body research with asteroids. He works both in the laboratory collecting data and computer modeling of the results. His early work involved Ar-Ar age dating of shocked meteorites to understand the collisional impact history of asteroids, as well as Ar diffusion measurement and modeling in various minerals and shock pressures. More recent work has involved geochemistry of impact products at the Sudbury Impact Structure in Ontario, Canada. At PSI, he is now testing Stereo-Photoclinometry (SPC) code written by Dr. Bob Gaskell to determine the limitations of the code when creating a shape model of asteroid Bennu for the OSIRIS-REx mission. During operations he will be building the shape model that will be used for sample collection and other general science.

Small bodies
Impact Cratering
Shape Modeling
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