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Eric E. Palmer Personal/Professional Page


Planetary Science Institute

Postdoctoral Research Scientist


Photo of Eric

Dr. Eric E. Palmer

Ph.D. in Planetary Science
University of Arizona, 2009

M.S. in Space Studies
University of North Dakota, 2000

M.A. in Political Science
Purdue University, 1991

B.S. in Computer Science
Purdue University, 1990



Planetary Science Institute
1700 E. Fort Lowell, Suite 106
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 382-0592 ext 140
Phone: (520) 622-6300
Email: epalmer at psi edu





Current Research:

The Dawn mission to the asteroid Vesta (4) with Dr. Mark Sykes and Project Mercator, a joint project with Raytheon to develop naviation software using only a terrain model and the horizon.

This set of images was taken on June 20th as Dawn approached Vesta. We created this movie from a sequence of 20 image taken over about one hour. Exposure time was 9ms. The image on the left is the original image, while the image on the right was sharpened and interpolated to bring out as much detail as possible.



Stability and Transport of Carbon Dioxide on Iapetus
Photolytic Generation of Carbon Dioxide
Aqueous Alteration of the CM Chondrites
Asteroid Database Data have been derived from the asteroid database at Lowell, Binzel's database, and data from the PDS. The data should be a direct reflections of the data sets that they came from, so their accuracy should evaluated accordingly.

Published Papers:


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