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Ed Tedesco

Research Areas:

  • Asteroid Collisional Evolution
  • Asteroid Physical Properties
  • Near-Earth Asteroids, especially those with orbits mostly, or entirely, interior to the Earth’s


Tedesco is interested in the origin and evolution, of the asteroid belt and in the physical properties of asteroid dynamical families and individual asteroids. He has been making and interpreting physical observations of asteroids since 1975 (Tedesco, 1976; Tedesco and Drummond, 1978) and was involved in the data reduction and publication of the IRAS Minor Planet Survey (Tedesco, 1992; Tedesco et al., 2002). He was also the first to model the efficiency of discovering NEOs using a space-based infrared sensor (Tedesco et al., 2000) and has made astrometric, lightcurve, multi-color photometry, phase curve, polarimetric, and radiometric observations using 0.4 to 8.2 meter ground-based telescopes and the IUE, IRAS, MSX, ISO, and Spitzer spacecraft (and was to have done the same on the WIRE mission).

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