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Amanda Hendrix Personal/Professional Page


February 2022. Check out our National Academies report on Planetary Protection Requirements for Robotic Mars Missions. I am co-chair of the Committee on Planetary Protection.

July 2019. I am excited to be a keynote speaker at Apollopalooza on July 18!


May 2019. Here are a couple of nice videos recapping April's Global Scholar in Residence program. (In the 2nd link, the program was highlighted in the school news segment, 2:45 into the program):

Hendrix - Titan classroom         Hendrix Moon table

March 2019. Our lunar hydration paper is out in GRL!

lunar hydration cartoon

February 2019. I am looking forward to April's big event: I will be the Global Scholar in Residence at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in Atlanta, GA. 

Hendrix HIES

December 2018. The Enceladus book is out! I led one chapter and contributed to another.

Enceladus book

October 2018. I participated in a panel discussion on Women in STEM in Atlanta. 

STEM panel

October 2018. Our Roadmap to Ocean Worlds paper is published online!

Astrobiology cover

October 2018. I participated in the Fort Collins Book Festival, giving a talk about the Cassini Mission and doing a panel discussion with Andy Weir about space exploration.

Fort Collins Book Fest

September 2018. Lookee! 

minor planet circular

June 2017.

See our new paper about energy options for future Titan human settlements:

March 2017.

TREX (Toolbox for Research and Exploration) has been chosen as a new SSERVI node! (March 2017). See e.g.,

Stand by for details on the TREX webpage.


November 2016. 

I have co-authored a book published by Pantheon! On sale Nov 15 2016. Available at your local bookseller, Amazon or


 Like us at:

book on sale Nov 15



This is a NASA nugget based on our research on carbon signatures in the solar sysem:

NASA nugget based on our research on carbon signatures in the solar system

Leadership Experience.

      • DPS Chair Oct 2019-Oct 2020 (Vice Chair, Oct 2018-Ocr 2019; Past Chair Oct 2020-Oct 2021)

      • Director, SSERVI/TREX team

Mission Experience.

  • Cassini UVIS co-investigator
  • LRO LAMP co-investigator
  • Galileo UVS co-investigator
  • Cassini Deputy Project Scientist, 2010-2012
  • Cassini Science Planning Team, 2000-2010
  • numerous mission studies, e.g.:
    • Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) Formulation Assessment & Support Team (FAST), 2015
    • Europa Orbiter of the Jupiter Joint Science Definition Team, Deputy Study Scientist, 2008-2009
    • Jovian System Orbiter Science Definition Team, 2007



Selected Publications.

Hendrix, A. R. and F. Vilas 2019. C-complex asteroids: UV-visible spectral characteristics and implications for space weathering effects. Geophys. Res. Lett., 46.

Hendrix, A. R., F. Vilas, J.-Y. Li 2016. Ceres: Sulfur deposits and graphitized carbon, Geophys. Res. Lett. , 43, doi:10.1002/2016GL070240.

Hendrix, A. R., F. Vilas, J.-Y. Li 2016 The UV Signature of Carbon in the Solar System Meteoritics & Planetary Science 1–11 doi: 10.1111/maps.12575
Hendrix, Amanda R. and 17 co-authors. 2012 The Lunar Far-UV Albedo: Indicator of Hydration and Weathering.  J. Geophys. Res., 117, E12001, doi:10.1029/2012JE004252
Hendrix, A. R. and 9 co-authors 2012. Mimas’ far-UV albedo: Spatial variations. Icarus 220: 922-931.
Hendrix, A. R., T. A. Cassidy, R. E. Johnson, C. Paranicas 2011. Europa’s Disk-Resolved Ultraviolet Spectra: Relationships with Plasma Flux and Surface Terrains. Icarus 212:736-743.
Hendrix, A. R., D. L. Domingue, K. S. Noll 2012. “UV Properties of Planetary Ices,” chapter in Solar System Ices book (eds. Gudipati and Castillo-Rogez), Springer.
Hendrix, A. R., C. J. Hansen, G. M. Holsclaw 2010. The Ultraviolet Reflectance of Enceladus: Implications for Surface Composition, Icarus 206: 608-617.
Hendrix, A. R. and R. E. Johnson 2008. Callisto: New insights from Galileo disk-resolved UV measurements, ApJ 687: 706.
Hendrix, A. R. and C. J. Hansen 2008. The Albedo Dichotomy of Iapetus Measured at UV Wavelengths, Icarus 193: 344-351.
Hendrix, A. R. and C. J. Hansen 2008 Ultraviolet Observations of Phoebe from Cassini UVIS, Icarus 193: 323-333.
Hendrix, A. R. and F. Vilas 2006. The Effects of Space Weathering at UV Wavelengths: S-class Asteroids, Astron. J.: 132: 1396-1404.
Hendrix, A. R., R. M. Nelson, D. L. Domingue 2006. “The Solar System at Ultraviolet Wavelengths,” in Encyclopedia of  the Solar System 2nd ed..
Hansen, C. J., L. Esposito, A. I. F. Stewart, J. Colwell, A. Hendrix, W. Pryor, D. Shemansky, R. West 2006. Enceladus’s water vapor plume. Science 311: 1422-1425.
Spencer, J. R., J. C. Pearl, M. Segura, F. M. Flasar, A. Mamoutkine, P. Romani, B. J. Buratti, A. R. Hendrix, L. J. Spilker, R. M. C. Lopes 2006. Cassini encounters Enceladus: Background and the discovery of a south polar hot spot. Science 311: 4101-1405.
Hendrix, A. R., D. L. Domingue, K. King 2005. The Icy Galilean Satellites: Ultraviolet Phase Curve Analysis. Icarus 173: 29-4.
Hendrix, A. R., C. A. Barth, C. W. Hord 1999. Io’s Patchy SO2 Atmosphere as Measured by the Galileo Ultraviolet Spectrometer. J. Geophys. Res.  104:  11817-11826.
Hendrix, A. R., C. A. Barth, C. W. Hord 1999. Ganymede’s Ozone-Like Absorber: Observations by the Galileo Ultraviolet Spectrometer. J. Geophys. Res. 104:  14169-14178.
Carlson, R. W., M. S. Anderson, R. E. Johnson, W. D. Smythe, A. R. Hendrix, C. A. Barth, L. A. Soderblom, G. B. Hansen, T. B. McCord, J. B. Dalton, R. N. Clark, J. H. Shirley, A. C. Ocampo, D. L. Matson 1999. Hydrogen Peroxide on the Surface of Europa.  Science 283:  2062-2064.
Hendrix, A. R., C. A. Barth, C. W. Hord, A. L. Lane 1998. Europa: Disk-Resolved Ultraviolet Measurements using the Galileo Ultraviolet Spectrometer. Icarus 135:  79-84.


phoebe press


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