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Possible Coronado Expedition route.1540-41??????Bigbell from site near Mammoth compared to typical bells. Picture fromDesert Archaeology, Dec 99.76 RANCH. Copper bell. Feb, 00.Approach to Blanco Canyon. ~Two miles away on Llano Estacado. Texas. Sep. 2, 95.Entry to Blanco Canyon. Sep. 2, 95.

 Coronado Camp Site, NM. Oct. 94.

 View of Hawikuh from SW. July 6, 86.Hawikuhruin stonework. July 6, 86.

 Carlos I Tent. Madrid. 1517.Aug. 23, 97.

 Headwaters of Santa CruzRiver. ~4mi. S of village of Santa Cruz. ~10mi. S of border. Sep,87.

 Hohokam turquioise (spelling?)and other jewelry on display at the Amerind Foundation.

 San Pedro near CharlestonNational Riperian Conserv. Area. 5-25-91.

 Casa Grande Ruins. Sep. 26,71. TELE.


 Marcos de Niza Monument at Lochiel, AZ. Nov, 94.

 Floydada Historical Museum.Texas. Sep. 4, 95.

 Eureka Springs. Mar. 11,95.

  Sign at Davis Ranch in SanPedro Valley. Noted during Archaeology Survey. Oct. 24, 99.


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