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A. Hartmann Sketch Gallery

Andrew Hartmann: sketch gallery
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Child fishing off boat
Pencil sketch of child fishing off a boat drawn up on shore.  Ca. 1915-16.
Sketch of midwest house (probably near Decatur), ca. 1916.

Clouds. Ten PM on a hot night in Decatur, IL.  Ca. 1924.
Pencil sketch of Vernal falls in Yosemite National Park, August 25, 1925.

August in Toscarora, Nevada. Ca. 1925.
Pencil sketch of the old downtown of San Diego, 1925.

Pencil sketch believed to show Alcoa Research Laboratory, where Andrew’s son Ernest worked. New Kensington, PA, May 13, 1930.
Pencil sketch believed to show steel mills along the Monongahela or Allegheny Rivers, near Pittsburgh, PA, May 13, 1931.

Southern forests with Spanish moss, near Houston, November 3, 1930.
Balboa Park, in San Diego, California. March 8, 1931.

Probably Pittsburgh area factory, July 9, 1932.
View of San Diego across the bay. Ca. 1939.

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