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Dan Berman's Science Research

Current Projects

Geologic Mapping of the Source Region of Shalbatana Vallis, Mars, PI Daniel Berman, MDAP, 2014-2018

Constraining the Aqueous History of Meridiani Planum Through Investigation of Small-Scale Valley Networks and Lacustrine Deposits – A Unique Window into Martian Climatic Transition?, PI Rebecca Williams, MDAP, 2014-2018

High-Resolution Morphologic and Topographic Analyses of Martian Volcanic Features, PI David Crown, MDAP, 2014-2018

Geologic Mapping and Studies of Diverse Deposits at Noctis Labyrinthus, PI Catherine Weitz, MDAP, 2015-2018

Glacial Flow of Martian Lobate Debris Aprons, PI Asmin Pathare, MDAP, 2015-2018

Geology of the Alba Mons Summit Region, Mars, PI David Crown, MDAP, 2015-2019

Geologic Mapping of Ceres: Distribution and Timing of Volatile- and Ice-Driven Processes on the Main Belt Dwarf Planet, PI Scott Mest, DACGIP, 2015-2018

Geologic Evolution of the Western Flank of Alba Mons, Mars, PI David Crown, MDAP, 2016-2020

A Revised Global Geologic Map of Vesta from Dawn Image, Spectral and Elemental Data, PI Aileen Yingst, DDAP, 2016-2020


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