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Experts on Gamma-ray detectors

Name Missions & Mission Experience Targets Techniques Major Facilities & Instrument Development
barraclough's picture
Bruce Barraclough
ACE, Cassini, Dawn, GENESIS, Lunar Prospector, Ulysses ** Calibration/Test planning, Data validation, Deputy Instrument PI, Instrument operations, Instrument PI Mars, Moon, Solar particles/Solar wind Gamma-ray detectors, Neutron detectors, Plasma spectrometers
prettyman's picture
Thomas Prettyman
Dawn, Lunar Prospector, Mars Odyssey, Psyche ** Calibration/Test planning, Data archive, Data validation, Electronics design, Flight Software, Instrument operations, Instrument PI, Mission Co-Investigator, Mission operations, Mission science team, Requirements generation and flow down Asteroids, Ceres, Comets, Dwarf planets, Earth, Mars, Meteorites, Moon, Small satellites, Vesta 3D Printing, Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Field Work, Gamma-ray spectroscopy, Geochemistry, Geology, Mapping, Neutron detectors, Neutron spectroscopy, Numerical modeling, Remote sensing, Shape modeling Gamma-ray detectors, Neutron detectors
rltokar's picture
Robert Tokar
Cassini, Mars Odyssey, MSL, Voyager Earth, Gas giants, Icy satellites, Interplanetary Dust, Io, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Solar particles/Solar wind Space-based observing, Spectroscopy, Remote sensing, Numerical modeling, Neutron detectors, Magnetospherics Gamma-ray detectors, Mass spectrometers, Neutron detectors, Plasma spectrometers
yamashita's picture
Naoyuki Yamashita
Dawn, Kaguya (Japan) ** Calibration/Test planning, Data archive, Data validation, Instrument operations, Mission science team Asteroids, Ceres, Mars, Moon, Vesta Gamma-ray spectroscopy, Neutron spectroscopy, Numerical modeling, Remote sensing Gamma-ray detectors, Neutron detectors

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