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PSI's Jeff Kargel Visits India, Discusses Climate Change

Jeff in india giving out diplomas 

The Indian Institute of Technology Indore Convocation Medal award ceremony. From left, Deepak Pathak, Chairman of the Board of Governors, IIT Indore; Jeff Kargel, Chief Guest of the IIT Indore Convocation; a new graduate; and Pradeep Mathur, Director of IIT Indore. 

Credit: Photography club at IIT Indore 


PSI Senior Scientist Jeff Kargel gave a number of talks focused on climate change while in India. 

Kargel was guest speaker and handed out diplomas at the Indian Institute of Technology Indore Seventh Convocation Ceremony. Kargel urged that the new grads keep closely in mind the threats facing Earth and its human and nonhuman inhabitants, and urged that they strive toward individual and collective action to help save the Earth. 

He spoke on how climate change is affecting South Asia, mountain hazards and disasters and water supplies for the lowland inhabitants at the India Government Ministry of Earth Science in New Dehli and at a public lecture at IIT Indore. As India was in the grip of a terrible air pollution crisis at the time, he also focused attention on a host of air quality problems in South Asia and impacts on human health, and discussed some potential partial fixes. 

The presentations were well received and discussions went on for a long time. The audiences for both the scientific and public lectures engaged in discussions at a very high intellectual level and the local news media picked up on Kargel’s comments. 

Visit to view the Convocation ceremony, including Jeff Kargel’s speech, which begins at 1:00:00.

jeff receives award in india

Pradeep Mathur awards Jeff Kargel a memento of the public lecture he delivered at IIT Indore.

Credit: Photography club at IIT Indore

Jan. 26, 2020

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