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Applicant -- Six orders of magnitude: Research ranging from the asteroid belt to the Sun.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This talk will review my past and present planetary/space science research efforts, which focuses on near-IR spectral and mineralogical studies of main-belt asteroids along with my initial foray into solar physics. In planetary science, it is important to have a diversity of skill sets to be able to contribute to a variety of research efforts. This requires a working knowledge of aspects of geology, mineralogy, observational astronomy and instrumentation, physics, orbital mechanics, and more. Asteroid near-IR spectroscopy is currently the best technique to constrain the surface mineralogies of airless solar system bodies and my work has applied this technique to surveys of M-/X-type asteroids, and V-type asteroids and their relationships to basaltic meteorites. In addition, an investigation of the association between intrinsic sunspot rotations and the onset of solar flares has led to the identification of sunspot rotation with the occurrence of a large solar flare in 2003 and the need to conduct a larger survey of this phenomenon to better understand the intermingling forces of gas motions, magnetic/electric fields, and solar differential rotation. These efforts, and others, will be discussed as a part of the PSI research portfolio that I am developing.

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