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SynoPSIs -- Microbial diversity of impact generated habitats: thinking about viable regions on Mars

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quite a few papers have come out in the last months on the topic of habitability: what habitability is (e.g. Cockell et al. 2016, Astrobiology), why so few planets may be habitable (Chopra and Lineweaver, 2016, Astrobiology), what the limit of habitability may be (Goordial et al. 2016, ISME) and what remaining biomes may be viable on Mars (Davila and Schulze-Makuch, 2016, Astrobiology). If you have not yet read the first two, I highly recommend taking a look, as it helps to situate our ideas of life in the universe. The second set of papers represent very pertinent research to help lead us towards an understanding of how we might search for life on Mars, what might we find and where should we look. To this end, I would like to discuss my research into microbial diversity of impact-generated substrates, and couch that work in the discussion of where should we look for life on Mars. If we have time, I may also touch on what the best way may be to look for that life.

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