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SynoPSIs -- Fall, recovery, and classification of the Murrili meteorite: The Desert Fireball Network in action.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beginning  in  1959,  a  dozen  projects  –  professional  and amateur  –  have  pursued  the  goal  of  recovering meteorites  with known  orbits  (e.g.  [1]).  This  combined  effort  yielded 10  meteorites.  Although the  numbers  are small,  even  this  handful generated  fundamental insights: the  early  work  provided  the  proof  that  meteorites  come  from the  asteroid  belt.  The Desert Fireball Network (DFN) is a system of digital cameras that are placed around Australia, a place where meteorite recovery is virtually guaranteed.  Meteorites with orbits provide geologic context for both meteorites and asteroids.   Murrili  (pronounced moo-RRee-llee) is  the  3rd  meteorite recovered  by  the Desert  Fireball  Network.  It is the first one recovered using the automated pipeline developed by the Network.  It is the second H5 ordinary chondrite recovered by this group.

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