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Cryogenic Equation of State for extra-terrestrial applications: Titan's case

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An equation of state (EOS) is needed to represent thermodynamics properties of chemical systems as well as to predict their behavior in vapor, liquid, and solid phases. It is therefore a very useful tool to be implemented, for example, in atmospheric simulator to allow advanced studies of real atmosphere.

While many approaches have been used, such as empirical equations, cubic EOS, regular solution theory, etc., the range of condition in their applications is still limited, for example, in the applications at extremely low temperatures, the region of which is of great interest in extra- terrestrial explorations. Therefore, a reliable EOS that works in all phases for a wide range of chemical systems, temperature, and pressure is always desired.

A preliminary development of such EOS has been in progress. This talk will briefly introduce the cores of the EOS as well as its performance before discussing its application to fluid phase equilibria in Titan. The data from Huygen's measurement will be used so that the conclusion of the calculation results can be made as closely as possible to the real conditions.

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