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Engaging Students in the Process of Science

Monday, August 4, 2008
Lebofsky (Steward Observatory, U of AZ)

Thanks to No Child Left Behind, teachers now need to be ''highly qualified'' in the subjects that they are teaching. Many teachers now have to teach subjects that they may never have had any training in and, while most of their training was probably out of a book, they must now teach inquiry-based science and critical thinking skills. They must teach more than just the facts. This deficiency can only be remedied with professional development training and continuing support beyond the training workshop.

The impetus for our most recent professional development workshops was the recently-released Arizona, Arkansas, and Ohio science standards that emphasize scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills, as well as science content. These programs, based on our previous decade of inquiry-based workshops, provided an innovative approach that was developed from the premise that regular and systematic observations of the day and night sky are an important component in the pursuit of personal observations, questions, and inquiry for constructing standards-based understanding.

At the same time, we found that students in the University of Arizona's General Education science classes also lacked the critical thinking skills that should have been developed during their pre-college school years. Therefore, many of the activities that we developed for our workshops proved effective in our astronomy and planetary science classes.

This presentation will show examples of teachers and students engaged in activities that reflect the Arizona Science Standard.

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