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Sarah L. Andre

In 2012 Dr. Sarah André continued to investigate the tectonics of Mercury using MESSENGER MDIS (Mercury Dual Imaging System) image and topography data.  In particular, Dr. André has been examining the structure and tectonics of several heavily degraded impact basins with diameters greater than 300 km.  These ancient and degraded multi-ring impact basins have played an important role in the geologic evolution of the planet’s surface.  Dr. André’s goal is to examine the subsequent uplift and tectonic deformation within the basins and to understand the tectonic history and stratigraphy of the basins.
In addition, Dr. André and collaborators at the USGS finished the development and testing of the SMTK stereo-matching software, a stereo matching tool designed specifically for planetary science image data.  SMTK uses an adaptive least-squares algorithm and a growth algorithm to determine matching points between image pairs.  The software was designed to run within the USGS software toolkit, ISIS (Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers).  SMTK is publically available from the USGS, and is now being maintained and updated by the USGS. 
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