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Natalia Artemieva

2007 Research Report

1. Numerical modeling of terrestrial craters (Chicxulub, Ries, Meteor) with particular attention to distal and proximal ejecta distribution.

2. Modeling of projectile disruption in atmosphere (including recent Carancas event)

3. Influence of water on crater formation and impact melt dispersion

4. Impact cratering on Titan

5. Material and life between planets (Mars-Earth, Earth-Mars).


Stoffler, Dieter; Horneck, Gerda; Ott, Sieglinde; Hornemann, Ulrich; Cockell, Charles S.; Moeller, Ralf; Meyer, Cornelia; de Vera, Jean-Pierre; Fritz, Jorg; Artemieva, Natalia A. (2007) Experimental evidence for the potential impact ejection of viable microorganisms from Mars and Mars-like planets. Icarus 186, 585-588.

Artemieva N. (2007) Possible reasons of shock melt deficiency in the Bosumtwi drill cores. M&PS 42, issues 4/5, 883-894.

Fritz, J.; Tagle, R.; Artemieva, N. A. (2007) Lunar helium-3 in marine sediments: Implications for a late Eocene asteroid shower. Icarus, Volume 189, Issue 2, p. 591-594.

Hood, L., Artemieva N. (2007) Antipodal effects of lunar basin-forming impacts: initial 3D simulations and comparisons with observations. Icarus, accepted.

Horneck G. et al. (2007) Microbial Rock Inhabitants Survive Impact and Ejection from Host Planet: First Phase of Lithopanspermia Experimentally Tested. Astrobiology, accepted.

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