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Natalia Artemieva

2006 Research Report

Mars related problems include modeling of 1) high-velocity ejecta  possible martian meteorites and fragments, creating secondary craters; 2) water/ice content influence on proximal ejecta rampart craters.

Terrestrial craters: 1) numerical modeling of small craters with particular attention to a projectile deceleration and disruption in atmosphere (with an aim to estimate accurately asteroid hazard in this size range and to reconstruct impact scenario); 2) numerical modeling of the largest craters' ejecta - to compare the results with available data (e.g. the Chicxulub distal ejecta) and to estimate their influence on the Earth's climate.

Moon: 1) High-velocity ejecta modeling possible material exchange between the Moon and the Earth (lunar meteorites, He-3 anomalies); magnetic anomalies in antipodes of the largest lunar basins.


*Bland P.A. and Artemieva N.A. (2006) The rate of small impacts on Earth. M&PS 41, 607-631.


*Hood L. L., Artemieva N. A. 2006. Formation of Magnetic Anomalies Antipodal to Lunar Impact Basins: Improved Numerical and Analytic Analysis. LPSC-37, abstr.#2137

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*Stffler, D.; Meyer, C.; Fritz, J.; Horneck, G.; Mller, R.; Cockell, C. S.; Ott, S.; de Vera, J. P.; Hornemann, U.; Artemieva, N. A. 2006. Impact Experiments in Support of "Lithopanspermia": The Route from Mars to Earth. LPSC-37, abstr.#1551.

*Artemieva N. 2006. Fluidized Impact Ejecta and Volcanic Blast Surge - Numerical Modeling. LPSC-37, abstr.#1525.

*Morgan J., Lana C., and Artemieva N. 2006. Shocked Minerals in the K-T Boundary: Implications for Obliquity of Impact. LPSC-37, abstr.#1281.

*Shuvalov V., Artemieva N. 2006. Impact Ejecta Escaping the Moon. LPSC-37, abstr.#1168.

*Artemieva N. 2006. Size and Velocity of Canyon Diablo Meteorite - Models Comparison. MetSoc Meeting in Zurich, p.5066.

*Fritz J., Tagle R., and Artemieva N. 2006. Dating Large Lunar Impacts by Helium-3 in Marine Sediments. MetSoc Meeting in Zurich, p.5304.

*Affiliation Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres, Moscow.

Research Year: 
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