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Funded Projects

Mark Sykes
DAWN: A Journey to the Beginning of the Solar System, Subcontract UCLA - NASA Dawn, 2004-2016
Impacts and environmental catastrophes: Investigating the effects of impact events on the climate system, NASA Exobiology, 2009-2013
Out of this world: bringing space rocks that hit the Earth to children and families, NASA Exobiology, Supplemental Education Awards, 2009-2013
Ed Tedesco
US Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite Science Team Support, NASA Lunar and Planetary Science U.S. Participating Investigator, 2009-2013
Henry Throop
Hypervelocity Collisions: The Origins of Dusty Rings, NASA Outer Planets Research, 2012-2015
Accretion from the ISM onto Circumstellar Disks, NASA Astrophysics Theory Program, 2012-2015
Bob Tokar
Data Analysis and Interpretation for Cassini/CAPS, Subcontract, JPL - NASA Cassini, 2012-2014
Nic Tosca
Clay-Bearing Assemblages from Alteration of Synthetic Martian Basalt: An Experimental Study, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program, 2010-2013
Pasquale Tricarico
Interior structure of Vesta and dynamical effects on Dawn, NASA Dawn at Vesta Participating Scientist Program, 2010-2013
Dust Particles Orbiting the Nuclei of Comet 1P/Halley and Other Comets: Explaining Baffling Observations, NASA Planetary Atmospheres, 2011-2014
David Vaniman
Clay Mineral - Evaporite Associations and the Petrogenesis of Mars Phyllosilicate Occurrences, NASA Mars Science Laboratory, 2011-2015
Support for the ChemCam LIBS/Imaging Instrument During the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL '11): Calibration Activities, Data Analysis, and Mission Operations, Subcontract, JPL - NASA Mars Science Laboratory Participating Scientist Program, 2012-2014
Faith Vilas
Deputy Chief Scientist/Chief Scientist for Planetary Data System, NASA Planetary Data System, 2011-2014
Characterizing Space Weathering on Mercury's Surface using Messenger Experimental Data, NASA MESSENGER, 2011-2014
Stu Weidenschilling
Concurrent Growth of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, Subcontract, NASA AMES - NASA Outer Planets Research, 2010-2013


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