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Funded Projects

Candy Hansen
Juno JunoCam and Science Planning Working Group, Subcontract, SWRI - NASA Juno, 2010-2019
MRO HiRISE, Subcontract, University of Arizona - NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, 2010-2013
Seasonal Volatile Transport on Triton, Pluto, and Kuiper Belt Objects, NASA Outer Planets Research, 2011-2014
Amanda Hendrix
Cassini UVIS, Subcontract, University of Colorado - NASA Cassini, 2012-2014
The Mysterious Redness of Saturn's Rings, Space Telescope Science Institute - Hubble Guest Observer, 2012-2015
Bill Hartmann
Small Impact Crater Statistics: a Tool for Analysis of Geologic Processes in Martian Volatile-rich Formations, NASA Mars Data Analysis Program, 2010-2013
Anton Ivanov
Mars Express / Extended Mission / Data processing, Subcontract, JPL - Mars Express, 2007-2013
Liz Jensen
Investigating the Collisional and Dynamical Evolution of Comets through Laboratory Impact Experiments, Subcontract, University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSB - NSF Astronomy, 2011-2015
Catherine Johnson
Geophysical Structure and Evolution of the Moon, NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics, 2011-2013
Investigations of Mercury's Internal Magnetic Field, Subcontract, Carnegie Institute of Washington - NASA MESSENGER, 2011-2014
JP Kirby
Enceladus Amino Acid Sampler (EAAS): Selective, Solid Phase Amino Acid Preconcentration with Optical Detection, Subcontract, JPL - NASA Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development, 2012-2013
Steve Kortenkamp
Investigation of a new resonant mechanism for accretion of interplanetary dust by Earth, NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics, 2010-2013
Kim Kuhlman
Quantitative Analysis of Genesis Contaminants, NASA Laboratory Analysis of Returned Samples, 2012-2015
Melissa Lane
Continued Investigation of Salts on the Martian Surface Using THEMIS Data: Determining Mineralogy, Geologic Setting, and Age, Subcontract, Arizona State University - NASA Mars Reconaissance Orbiter, 2009-2013
The State of Sulfur on Mars: Understanding the Inter-relationships Among the Crystal Structure, Chemistry, and Spectroscopy of Sulfates and Sulfides, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program, 2011-2014


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