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Funded Projects

David Crown
Thermophysical properties of mantled volcanic surfaces: constraints on lava composition and emplacement processes, Subcontract, University of Pittsburgh - NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics, 2011-2015
Lava Flow Fields of Daedalia Planum, Mars: Distribution, Styles, and Timing of Southern Tharsis Volcanism, NASA Mars Data Analysis Program, 2012-2016
Don Davis
PSI Asteroid/Dust Subnode of the NASA's PDS Small Bodies Node, NASA Planetary Data System, 2009-2014
Deborah Domingue Lorin
MESSENGER Science Team Co-Investigator, Subcontract, Carnegie Institution of Washington - NASA MESSENGER, 2009-2013
What Shapes a Spectrum? Looking Beyond the Mineralogy, NASA Planetary Mission Data Analysis Program, 2010-2013
Susanne Douglas
Validating Habitability Assessment of Martian Soil, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program, 2011-2014
Bill Feldman
Science Team Support for the MESSENGER Mission, Subcontract, Carnegie Institution of Washington - NASA MESSENGER, 2005-2013
Odyssey Gamma Ray Spectrometer (GRS) Instrument Suite-Mission Operations for Extended Mission II, Subcontract, University of Arizona - NASA Mars Odyssey, 2006-2013
DAWN-A Journey to the Beginning of the Solar System - Phase E, Subcontract, UCLA - NASA Dawn, 2009-2016
Constraining Solar-Flare Ion Acceleration Processes Through Neutron Measurements from the Inner Heliosphere, Subcontract, The Johns Hopkins University - NASA Solar and Heliospheric Science, 2011-2013
Bob Gaskell
Shape, Topography and Internal Structure of Mercury from MDIS Data, NASA MESSENGER Participating Scientist Program, 2007-2013
OSIRIS REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission, Subcontract, University of Arizona - NASA OSIRIS Rex, 2011-2023
Cyrena Goodrich
Petrogenesis of Ureilites: Analytical and Theoretical Studies, NASA Cosmochemistry, 2012-2015
Origin and Dynamical Evolution of Ureilites and 2008TC3/Almahata Sitta, NASA Origins of Solar Systems, 2012-2015
Tommy Grav
NEOWISE Survey, Subcontract, JPL - NASA NEOWISE, 2012-2013


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