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PSI's Julie Rathbun Uses IR Instrument at Yellowstone

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 PSI Senior Scientist Julie Rathbun uses infrared (IR) instruments to gather thermal imaging data when researching outer planet satellites. So it was natural that she brought along an IR thermometer during a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park. 

Above, Rathbun stands in the Artist’s Paintpots area at Yellowstone. 

Below, Rathbun uses the IR thermometer at Crested Pool, located in the Upper Geyser Basin near Old Faithful, next to Castle Geyser. The temperature measurement of 1,508 degrees given by the thermometer is Fahrenheit, but Rathbun uses Kelvin for her research. The reading here is 1093 degrees K.


Below is an example of Rathbun’s scientific work, a map showing temperatures on Io, a moon of Jupiter, (in Kelvin) from the Galileo PhotoPolarimeter-Radiometer instrument. The temperatures, in Kelvin, were obtained at night, so the temperatures are pretty cold (approximately 95 degrees K, or -289 F) in the background, but the hotspots (numbered) are volcanic sources and their temperatures can reach 300 degrees K in this map and other instruments have measured temperatures up to 1,400 degrees K. 

mars IR

Sept. 18, 2017
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