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PSI In The News

Massive, A Nuclear Attack Could Be a Lot Like an Asteroid Strike
Web Wire, Smithsonian Scientist Publishes New Research on Martian Ice
KRWG NPR, Museum Announces Events Planned in Conjunction With Da Vinci – The Genius Exhibition
The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, Mars Colonization
The Hindu, Life on Earth and Beyond
Business 2 Community, Pluto Officially Reclassified As a Planet by International Astronomical Union is a Prank
The Hindu, Potentially Habitable Planets Identified in TRAPPIST-1 System
TeCake, Scientists Identify Potentially Habitable Planets in TRAPPIST-1 Planetary System
EarthSky, Will Future Landers on Europa Sink?
The Weekly Observer, New Estimates for Planets in TRAPPIST-1
How Stuff Works, Earth anda Mars Experience Mysterious Mega-Avalanches
Futurism, Researchers Determine the Two TRAPPIST-1 Planets Most Likely to Support Life, Jupiter Moon Europa's Possibly Porous Surface Could Doom a Lander
Outer Places, Porous Alien Quicksand Could Doom Missions to Jupiter's Moon Europa
Inverse, Landing on Europa Could be a Quicksand Death Trap
Newsweek, Alien Quicksand Could Sink NASA Landers on Jupiter's Moon Europa
Value Walk, Two Planets in TRAPPIST-1 Could Support Life (Study)
International Business Times India, Researchers Discover Two Planets Orbiting TRAPPIST-1 May Have Enough Water and Earth-Like Temperature
The Saisat Daily (India), There Are Two Planets That Can Support Human Life, Say Scientists
First Post, New Research Claims That TRAPPIST-1 Solar System Has Two Planets in the Same Position as Earth and Mars
News Nation, Two Earth-Like Planets Found 39 Light Years Away
Phys.Org, Europa and Other Planetary Bodies May Have Extremely Low-Density Surfaces
International Business Times, Astronauts Exploring Moons, Asteroids Could Be Landing Spacecraft On Quicksand
The Greek Observer, Scientists Discovered Two Potentially Habitable Planets in Unusual Star System
The Nation, Two Earth-Like Planets Found 39 Light Years Away
Daily Star, Mystery TRAPPIST-1 Star System Has Two Planets Perfect for Alien Life
India Today, TRAPPIST-1 Solar System Has Two Planets That We Could Inhabit!
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, These Are the Planets You Would Want To Live On In the Star System Most Like Ours
New York Daily News, Two Planets Orbiting TRAPPIST-1 Might be Habitable
Outer Places, These Earth-Like TRAPPIST-1 Planets are the Best Candidates for Alien Life Ever Found
Inhabitat, Two TRAPPIST-1 Planets Are Likely to be Habitable
Zee News India, These Are Two Planets That Can Support Human Life, Say Scientists
Daily Mail, Two Earth-Like Planets With Enough Water and Heat for Life to Flourish Are Found in a Solar System That Looks Similar to Our Own 39 Light Years Away
Nature, Bashing Holes in the Tale of Earth's Troubled Youth
Daily News & Analysis, Potentially Habitable Planets Identified in TRAPPIST-1 System

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