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PSI In The News

The Atlantic, The Aging Spacecraft of Deep Space
New York Times, When Mega Tsunami Drowned Mars This Spot May Have Been Ground Zero
Science News, TESS has found the first-ever ‘ultrahot Neptune’
CNN, NASA unveil craft that will take astronauts back to the moon by 2024
9 News, NASA unveil craft that will take astronauts back to the moon by 2024, What Will Astronauts Do on the Moon When Humans Go Back?
Newswise, Argonne Celebrates Apollo 11 Anniversary and New Moon Rock Study
KTVZ News Channel 21, NASA details Artemis moon missions
Market Research Tribunal, Here’s Why Water Molecules Bounce Around The Lunar Surface, Apollo 11 Was a Voyage of Discovery About Our Solar System — Here's What We Learned
Weather Network, Snow cannons could restore Antarctic ice, but at a steep cost
CBC Radio (Canada), Scientist lays out 'ridiculous' plan to pump artificial snow over melting Antarctic
Nature, India launches ambitious second Moon mission
Arizona Daily Wildcat, Apollo 11's moon landing celebrates 50 years
Axios, Axios Future: The Road to Titan
Business Insider France, Ce que serait la Terre sans la Lune
Nature, Can NASA really return people to the Moon by 2024?
NPR All Things Considered, Moon Rocks Still Awe, And Scientists Hope To Get Their Hands On More
Arizona Daily Star, Tucson's Planetary Science Institute to assist NASA with Saturn moon mission
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, NASA picks Texas Tech geosciences faculty member's instrument for Moon landing
The Guardian, Everyone's going back to the Moon. But why?
Spacepolicyonline, Today's Tidbits: July 5, 2019
Brinkwire, NASA selects 12 projects to study the Moon as it ramps up plans for 2024 Artemis mission
Daily Toreador, Tech professor builds device for Moon heat measurements
Scientific American, GeoBits: Lunar Exploration Edition
KOLD TV Channel 13, NASA Dragonfly mission to study Titan for origins, signs of life
EOS Earth & Space Science News, Apollo's Legacy: 50 Years of Lunar Geology
Vox, How Apollo Moon rocks reveal the epic history of the cosmos
SpaceRef, NASA's Dragonfly Mission to Study Titan for Origins, Signs of Life
SpaceRef, NASA Selects 12 New Lunar Science, Technology Investigations
SpaceRef, New Camera System to Offer High-Resolution Images and Video of Lunar Landings
The Daily Galaxy, Earth's "Third Pole" – Impending Catastrophic Climate Change
NPR KJZZ 91.5, Saturn's Rings, Moons Raise Questions About Solar System, Water Origins, Scientists fear cuts to NASA science to pay for Artemis
House Committee on Science, Space and Technology , Statement of Mark. V. Sykes, CEO and Director, Planetary Science Institute

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