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PSI In The News

Earth & Space Science News, Saturn Unveiled: Ten Notable Findings From Cassini-Huyyens
Gizmodo, Australian Scientists Reckon Planets Were Created From Mud
TeCake, Images of Jupiter Inspire and Thrill Public to Participate
Seeker, Future Space Colony? Maybe We Should Look Beyond Mars to Saturn's Titan Moon
New Atlas, Earth May Have Had Muddy Origins
Spaceflight Now, Jupiter Images Thrill, Inspire Public Participation
Arizona Daily Wildcat, Space Experts Comment on Closest-Yet Jupiter Photo Mission
Science Alert, New Research Suggests Earth Started Its Days as a Giant Ball of Mud
Motherboard, Asteroids Started Out as Space Mud, a New Theory Suggests
New Scientist, Asteroids May Have Been Giant Mudballs in the Early Solar System
CBS News, Jupiter Images Thrill, Inspire Public to Participate
Daily Mail, Earth and the Other Planets in Our Solar System May Have Formed From Balls of Mud, Simulations Reveal
Science News, Giant Mud Balls Roamed the Early Solar System, Asteroids Might Start as Giant Mud Balls
Phys.Org, Planets Like Earth May Have Had Muddy Origins
Heise Newsticker, Forscher: Die meisten Asteroiden begannen als kosmische Matschkugeln
Inhabitat, Saturn's Biggest Moon Has Enough Energy to Power a US-Sized Space Colony
Phys.Org, Ancient Plankton-Like Microfossils Span Two Continents
Science Alert, Titan Has Enough Energy to Power a Colony the Size of the USA
Pasadena Star-News, Why Calm Methane Lakes Matter for NASA Missions to Saturn's Largest Moon
Spaceflight Insider, Juno Completes Historic Flyby Over Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Nature, Female Astronomers of Colour Facae Daunting Discrimination
PC Tablet, When to View Juno's Images of Historic Jupiter's Great Red Spot
SpaceRef, Survey Highlights Gender, Racial Harassment in Astronomy & Planetary Science
The Space Reporter, Juno Flies Over Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Phys.Org, New Survey Highlights Gender, Racial Harassment in Astronomy and Planetary Science
Business Insider, NASA Will Fly Closer to Jupiter's Great Red Spot Tonight Than Ever Before – Here's What it Could See
Daily Mail, Jupiter's Huge Storm is Ready for Its Close Up: Juno Probe Prepares to Fly Over the Gas Giant's 10,000-mile-wide 'Great Red Spot' for the First Time
Daily Mail, A New Home For Humanity? Saturn's Largest Moon Titan Has Enough Energy to Run a Colony of 300 Million People
Heavy, When & Where Can You See Juno's Photos of Jupiters's Great Red Spot?, Surface Pits Could be a Sign of Ice Buried Under Asteroids – Study
Phys.Org, Pitted Materials in Craters Could Indicate Buried Ice on Asteroids
Business Insider, NASA Is About To Fly Over Jupiter's Biggest Storm For The First Time – Here's What The Photos Might Look Like
New Scientist, Titan's Conditions Could Be Just Right To Power US-Sized Colony
Motherboard, How Worried Should You Be About a Real Life 'Geostorm?'

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