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PSI In The News

The John Batchelor Show, Dune Lawrence, Bloomberg Businessweek. David Grinspoon, Planetary Science Institute
Arizona Daily Star, Sweets Can be Good for the Soul, Charity Finds
CNN, America's Quietest Town
CBC News, Beyond Pluto: 5 Things Left to Explore in Our Solar System
SpaceRef, Vesta's Potassium[to-Thorium Ratio Reveals Hot Origins
Nature , Vibrant Pluto Stuns Scientists
Tampa Bay Times PolitiFact, Pluto Advocates Say Even Earth Would Not Count as a Planet If It Were in Pluto's Place
Business Day, Pluto is Baby Step for Humankind
UA News, Celestial Inspiration at Flandrau
Wall Street Journal, Pluto is Just a Baby Step for Mankind
Nature , Pluto's Vast Icy Plains and Gentle Hills Emerge in New Images
The Verge, Pluto Probe Phoens Home, Is Alive and Healthy
International Business Times, NASA New Horizons Pluto Flyby is a Time of Joy and Waiting
Arizona Public Media PBS, New Horizons Arrives at Target Pluto
Khaleej Times, New Horizons Spacecraft to Get Closest to Pluto Today
Science, New Horizons is Only One of More Than a Dozen Instruments Trained on Pluto This Week
Arizona Daily Star, Pluto is, Too, a Planet
Arizona Daily Star, Got 6,293 Years to Spare?
Arizona Public Media PBS, New Horizons Spacecraft Closes in on Pluto
The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto
New York Post, Pluto, the Rodney Dangerfield of the Solar System, is Ready for its Close-up
Chemistry World, Getting the Measure of Mars
The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses New Images of Pluto, Ceres
SpaceRef, UCLA-led NASA Mission Provides Closest Ever Look at Dwarf Planet Ceres
R&D Magazine, First Images From Dawn Spacecraft Produce 3-D Model of Mysterious Terrain
Arizona Public Media PBS, TucsonTechnology to Photograph Jupiter's Moon
Venezia Today, Betty Pierazzo Sulla Luna, Intitolato un Cratere Alla Ricercatrice Noalese
Phys.Org, Radar Techniques Used in Antarctica Will Scour Eurupa for Life-Supporting Environments
UT News, Radar Techniques Used in Antarctica Will Scour Eurupa for Life-Supporting Environments
Arizona Daily Star, 7 Arizona Planetary Scientists Will Help NASA Probe Europa
Perfect Science, Mission to Europa Towards Its Journey
French Tribune , Europa Probe Will Perform 45 Flybys Over the Jupiter Moon
The Hoops News, NASA Plans To Explore Jupiter's Europa with 9 Instruments Worth $30 Million
Tucson Sentinel, Crater on Moon Named for Late Tucson Scientist
The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses Pluto, Ceres and Europa Mission

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