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PSI In The News

Phys.Org, Public to Choose Jupiter Picture Sites for NASA Juno
United Press International, Public Poll to Decide Where Jupiter Probe Points Its Camera
KBXT Bryan/College Station, Public to Choose Jupiter Picture Sites for NASA Juno
The Atlantic, Why is NASA Neglecting Venus?
Science Daily, Deep-Space Mission to Metal Asteroid, Geoengineering Earth's Atmosphere: How It Could Affect Astronomy
News 4 Tucson KVOA, Family SCIFest Set For Feb. 4 at Children's Museum Tucson
Newsmax, NASA Passes on Asteroid-Detecting Telescope Program
Colorado Public Radio News, Want to Live on Mars, Or Saturn's Moon? Space Settlements May Be Closer Than We Think
Business Insider, 'City Killer' Asteroids Will Inevitably Strike Earth – And Nasa Won't Launch This Mission to Hunt Them Down
Mothership, 10-Storey Asteroid Almost Smacked Into Earth on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017
Spaceflight Insider, Martian Polar Ice Caps Revealed in 3-D
Arizona Public Media NPR, Dwarf Planet Ceres Up To 30 Percent Water
Space Daily, Astronomers Consider How Climate Change Mitigation May Impact Astronomy
Business News 24, Giant Asteroid Passes Just 120,000 Miles From Earth
Inquisitr, Asteroid 2017 AG13 That Passed Earth on Monday at a Distance of 120,000 Miles, Half Distance to the Moon, was Spotted Only Two Days Earlier
Missouri Injury Blog, An Asteroid Just Flew by Earth Two Times Closer Than The Moon – And We Barely Saw It Coming
I4U News, Giant Asteroid Passed Close to Earth
Science Alert, A Surprise Asteroid Just Zoomed Past Earth, About 50% Closer Than the Moon
Yahoo News, An Asteroid That Could Do Damage Just Flew Past the Earth
Itech Post, Asteroid 2017 AG13 Flew By Very Near To Earth
Biz Tucson, The New Frontier – The Space Industry Takes Off
Daily Mail, Phew! Giant Asteroid Passed Just 120,000 Miles From Earth Last Night – And Was Only Spotted 24 Hours Earlier
Alaska Dispatch News, Wohlford, Hendrix Imagine Human Life 'Beyond Earth'
Pasadena Star-News, In DOE, As At JPL, a Climate of Inquisition: Guest Commentary
International Business Times, ASA: These Findings Will Reveal More About Mars' Mysterious Climate
Business Insider, NASA Just Announced It Will Probe a Dead Planet's Core
Arizona Public Media NPR, ASU Wins NASA Funding for Two Space Missions
AOL News, New 3-D Map of Mars' Ice Caps Reveal Hidden Structures
Daily News & Analysis, 3-D Images Show What Lies Beneath Mars Poles
SpaceRef, NASA Selects Two Discovery Missions to Explore Solar System History
MIT News, Twin Wins for Planetary Exploration
Space Daily, Psyche to Offer Unique Look at Early Terrestrial Planet Formation
Financial Express, 3D Images Show What Lies Beneath Mars Poles
BigBozz, NASA is Going to Probe the Metal Core of a Dead Planet

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