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PSI In The News

April 14, 2014, The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses Lunar Eclipse and the Future of Manned Space Exploration
April 4, 2014, The Age Technology, Hubble Spots Comet Heading Towards Mars, Spewing Space Dust
April 2, 2014, National Geographic , New Method for Estimating Moon's Age Seeks to Put an Old Debate to Rest
March 31, 2014, The Space Reporter, Hubble Reveals Powerful Jets of Dust Emitting from Mars-bound comet
March 28, 2014, The Almagest, Comet Sliding Spring Creates Havoc in the Inner Solar System!
March 27, 2014, Phys.Org, Hubble Space Telescope Spots Mars-bound Comet Sprout Multiple Jets
March 27, 2014, Planetary News, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Spots Mars-Bound Comet Sprout Multiple Jets
March 25, 2014, The Planetary Society, Snapshots of Science from the 2014 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 11, 2014, AZ Illustrated Science, Bill Hartmann Discusses Ray Bradbury
March 10, 2014, The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses Newly Discovered Planets
Feb. 17, 2014, Astronomy Magazine, Mars Rover Heads Uphill After Solving 'Doughnut' Riddle
Feb. 15, 2014, Science World Report, NASA Solves Mystery of 'Jelly Doughnut" Rock
Feb. 14, 2014, Laboratory Equipment, Mars Rover Solves 'Doughnut' Mystery
Feb. 14, 2014, The Huffington Post, Mars 'Doughnut" Rock Mystery Solved by NASA's 'Opportunity' Rover Team
Feb. 13, 2014, Tucson Weekly, Sneaky Science
Feb. 10, 2014, The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses New Solar Discovery, Mars Curiosity Rover
Feb. 3, 2013, Sierra Vista Herald, Kartchner to Host Astronomy Program
Jan. 29, 2014, AZ Illustrated Metro, NASA Changes Worry Tucson Planetary Science
Jan. 22, 2014, NBC News, Is There Life on Ceres? Dwarf Planet Spews Water Vapor Into Space
Jan. 13, 2014, The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses NASA's Research Program Reorganization, Chinese Moon Mission
Jan. 12, 2014, SpaceRef, First Do No Harm (NASA Planetary Research)
Jan. 6, 2014,, President Obama Undermining U.S. Space Exploration
Jan. 6, 2014, Malaysia Sun, Internet Search Yields No Evidence of Time Travelers
Jan. 4, 2014,, The Obama Legacy in Space Exploration
Jan. 2, 2014, SpaceRef, MESSENGER Team Members Honored for Outstanding Accomplishments in Scientific Research and Education and Public Outreach

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