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PSI Researchers Honored as NASA Planetary Science Early Career Fellows

Oct. 23, 2014
Tucson, Ariz. -- NASA has named Planetary Science Institute Research Scientists Lucille Le Corre and Vishnu Reddy as Planetary Science Early Career Fellows for being outstanding scientists in separate work they successfully proposed to NASA’s Planetary Mission Data Analysis Program.  This work also earned them permanent positions on the science staff of the Planetary Science Institute.
Le Corre’s proposal, “Restoring Dawn Framing Camera Multi-Band Data of Vesta to Full Spatial and Photometric Accuracy,” is critical to the interpretation of the history and evolution of the heavily battered and complex surface of the first target of NASA’s ongoing Dawn mission. “I am thankful to NASA for giving me the opportunity to help our community leverage great science from this mission,” Le Corre said. PSI was awarded $795,000 for Le Corre to pursue her work.
Reddy’s proposal, “Mineralogical Mapping of Asteroid Itokawa Using Hayabusa AMICA Camera Multispectral and NIRS Spectrometer Data,” will calibrate data from the Japanese Hayabusa mission that returned the first samples from a near-Earth asteroid, Itokawa. He will generate important maps of the asteroid’s composition while creating products that will allow deeper research into the nature of this object. “The Hayabusa data is gold mine that is yet to be fully analyzed, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to enable planetary scientists to do high quality science with the data products we intend to generate,” Reddy said. PSI was awarded $674,000 for Reddy to pursue his work.
With their new permanent positions at PSI, Le Corre and Reddy are now each eligible to apply for $100,000 in start up funds from NASA. The start-up package is intended to aid Fellows in establishing a research group, program or laboratory in their new positions. 
“This program is important to help talented scientists, early in their careers, build a foundation to sustain their future success,” said Mark Sykes, PSI CEO and Director. “Lucille and Vishnu are worthy recipients of this award, and will continue to make important contributions to our science in the years to come.” 

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