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Tucson Festival of Books Features PSI Researchers, Educators

book fair 2018

PSI’s display at the Tucson Festival of Books attracted hundreds of visitors during the two-day event held on the University of Arizona Mall. PSI’s exhibit, held in the event’s Science City area, included hands-on activities featuring samples of three different types of meteorites – stony, iron and stony-iron, and many different types of impact rocks which were created when a meteorite impacted with Earth. 

Larry Lebofsky scheduled volunteers for the event, and participants included Thea Cañizo, Stephen Ferris, Vivian Morrison, Don Davis, Maya Bakerman, Connor McNally, Joe Spitale, Bea Muller and Mike Drum. 

Above, Thea Cañizo shows attendees meteorite samples that came from Mars and the Moon.


March 26, 2018
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