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PSI Senior Scientist Faith Vilas (center), with students Danielle Barrett (L, Trident Technical College) and Todd Rhodes (R, Francis Marion University) work on mounting the Atsa Mark I camera in the engineering mockup of the Lynx 1 spacecraft at XCOR Aerospace with PSI Associate Research Scientist and Citadel Assistant Professor Luke Sollitt (not shown). The Atsa Mark I camera is being built by cadets at The Citadel and students from other colleges in South Carolina under the supervision of Sollitt. Vilas is the Project Scientist and Sollitt the Deputy Project Scientist (and inventors) of the Atsa Suborbital Observatory, which will be a human operated telescope mounted on a pod on the back of the Lynx Mark III to be flown into space. The Mark 1 camera is designed for in-flight testing of components of the much larger Atsa telescope system. The camera is pixelated to obscure proprietary design elements.

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