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Educational Resources

  • The Explorer's Guide to Impact Craters and its spanish version, Guia del Explorador de Crateres de Impacto, provides a wealth of information about impact cratering, one of the most fundamental geologic processes in our solar system. Take a virtual tour of three known impact craters on Earth. Learn what new or altered minerals are produced after an impact event. See geologists in the field from video taken during expeditions to an impact craters.

  • Why do the phases of the Moon look the way they do? What would Mars with oceans look like? PSI has visualization resources such as Planets In Motion that show these very concepts.

  • Highly decorated PSI scientist William K. Hartmann, has produced a series of short summaries on special topics in planetary science, which includes the leading modern hypothesis of the Moon's origin.

  • We have weblinks to other sites that are relevant to education and planetary science.


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