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Dr. Xiao-Duan Zou

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Research Scientist

Currently resides in Gaithersburg, MD
zouxd [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Asteroids, Comets, Moon
Disciplines/Techniques: Shape modeling, Remote sensing, Photometry, Geology, Mapping
Missions: Chang'E 1 (China), Chang'E 2 (China), Chang'E 3 (China)

Research Interests

Dr. Zou Xiaoduan's current research interests are focused on the physical properties of the surface of the Moon, asteroids and cometary nuclei.

Professional History

Dr. Zou began her career with a Bachelor of Science degree in Survey Engineering at Tongjii University, China, in 2006. She received her Masters of Science degree in Astronomy in 2009 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ National Astronomical Observatories and her Ph.D from this institute in 2014. Dr. Zou has been heavily involved in the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project (Chang’E 1-5) since its start in 2007. She was a science team member during her graduate work.  She was responsible for laser altimeter and camera related topographic mapping, landing site topography and geomorphology analysis, and simulations for multiple lunar rover science instruments.  She was a member of Chang’E 5 Task Planning Team and an editor of the Chinese lunar atlas.  Dr. Zou’s thesis work focused on the analysis of Chang’E 2 flyby data of asteroid (4179) Toutatis, and the geomorphological features of the Chang’E 3 landing site in Sinus Iridum.  She has produced multiple lunar maps based on the Chang’E data. Dr. Zou is currently a member of the OSIRIS-REx team, serving as a collaborator on this mission. She began her post-doctorial at PSI in May 2015.   

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