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Dr. Lynnae Quick

Research Scientist

Currently resides in Greensboro, NC
lquick [at]
Areas of Expertise
Exoplanets, Icy satellites, Neptune, Uranus, Venus | Astrobiology, Education/Public Outreach, Geology, Geomorphology, Volcanism

Research Interests

Dr. Lynnae Quick's research interests lie primarily in the investigation of cryovolcanic processes on icy bodies in our solar system. However, because studies of cryovolcanism on icy worlds are relatively recent, the utility of models produced to describe these processes are checked against more familiar models of traditional silicic volcanism. In her research, she uses analytical models to study the ways in which volcanism has shaped the surfaces of rocky planets like Venus, and icy moons such as Europa and Triton. 

Professional History

Dr. Quick received her PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences in 2013 from The Johns Hopkins University where she studied cryomagmatic processes and cryovolcanic surface expressions on Europa. She became a NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where she studied the emplacement of volcanic domes on Venus and Europa. She joined PSI in 2015.

Honors and Awards

NASA Early Career Fellowship

PSI, a Nonprofit Corporation 501(c)(3), and an Equal Opportunity/M/F/Vet/Disabled/Affirmative Action Employer.
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