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Dr. Haley Sapers

Associate Research Scientist

Currently resides in Quebec, Canada
hsapers [at]
Areas of Expertise
| Astrobiology

Research Interests

Astrobiologist Dr. Haley M. Sapers is interested in the concept of biogenicity using ideas and techniques from the intersections of geology (mineralogy/geochemistry), biology (micro- and molecular biology), and chemistry (elemental spectroscopy). She is interested in developing and characterizing terrestrial analog sites for planetary exobiology research.

Professional History

Dr. Sapers received her PhD in Planetary Science from The University of Western Ontario in 2012, where she worked with Dr. Gordon Osinski and Dr. Neil Banerjee on trace fossils preserved in meteorite impact glasses and the biological significance of meteorite impact structures on early Earth and Mars.  As a postdoc with the Canadian Astrobiology Training program jointly appointed between McGill University (Montreal QC; Dr. Lyle Whyte), and Western University (London ON; Dr. Gordon Osinski), Dr. Sapers investigated the microbial colonization potential of impact generated substrates and compiled high-resolution image libraries of various biologically precipitated carbonates. Other major projects included classifying impactite suites with limited geological context, correlative high-resolution imaging integrated with geochemical datasets, and using synchrotron spectroscopy to probe transition metal biosignatures. Dr. Sapers spent several months at NASA Ames with Dr. Lynn Rothschild working on single cell biosenors, and at the Institute for Study of the Earth’s Interior, Japan with Dr. Eizo Nakamura conducting high-resolution geochemical analyses on impact melts. Dr. Sapers has conducted field work at the Ries impact structure, Germany, Rochechouart impact structure, France, Sudbury impact structure, Canada, Paralana Hot Spring, South Australian desert, and the São Francisco Craton, Brazil.

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