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PSI Staff Directory

Staff Photo

PSI members at the retreat. 1st row: (l-r) Mark Sykes, Mary Bourke, Dan Berman, Sarah Sonnett, Karen Stockstill-Cahill, Eva Lilly, Sanlyn Buxner, Ryan Watkins, Elaine Owens, Kimberly Foote, Kelly Yoder, Gil Esquerdo and lots of PSI kids! 2nd row: Bea Mueller, Chun Wu, Sugata Tan, Jamie Molaro, Patricia Craig, Jennifer Grier. 3rd row: Frank Chuang, Alex Patthoff, Jesse Stone, Mike Drum, Roger Clark. 4th row: Matt Richardson, Erin Neal, George Kramer & Gozer, Aileen Yingst, Bill Feldman. 5th row: Tommy Grav, Alan Howard, Luke Sollitt, Gareth Morgan, Cynthia Little, Cathy Neish. 6th row: Matt Perry, Henry Hsieh, Neil Pearson. 7th row: Nalin Samarasinha, Margaret Landis, Jeff Morgenthaler, Kevin Webster. 8th row: Steve Clifford, Terrill Yuhas, Alan Fischer, Mattie Tigges, Bill Hartmann. 9th row: Than Putzig, Jules Goldspiel, Emily Joseph. 10th row: Oleg Abramov. 11th row: Eric Palmer, Connor McNally. Balcony Left: Asmin Pathare, Chris Holmberg, Julianne Herrera, Carol Neese, Joe Spitale, David O’Brien, Stu Weidenschilling, Larry Lebofsky. Balcony Right: Liz Jensen, Gavin Nelson, Dianne Janis, Bob Tokar, Bryan Travis, Ed Tedesco. (Photo by Gil Esquerdo)

Name Title Mail ( Location Phone Number VOIP Ext.
jerichardsonjr's picture
Dr. James E. Richardson Jr.
Senior Scientist jerichardsonjr South Bend, IN
alexis's picture
Dr. Alexis Palmero Rodriguez
Senior Scientist alexis Tucson, AZ
trogers's picture
Dr. Tamara Rogers
Senior Scientist trogers Newcastle, United Kingdom
emilieroyer's picture
Dr. Emilie Royer
Research Scientist emilieroyer Broomfield,
rueger's picture
Linda Rueger
Human Resources Manager rueger Tucson, AZ 520-382-0594 126
nalin's picture
Dr. Nalin Samarasinha
Senior Scientist nalin Tucson, AZ 520-547-3952 102
jsanchez's picture
Dr. Juan Sanchez
Associate Research Scientist jsanchez Tucson, AZ 520-382-0427 120
sscheidt's picture
Dr. Stephen Scheidt
Associate Research Scientist sscheidt Odenton, MD
nschorghofer's picture
Dr. Norbert Schorghofer
Senior Scientist norbert Honolulu, HI
asickafoose's picture
Dr. Amanda Sickafoose
Senior Scientist asickafoose Cape Town, South Africa
msiegler's picture
Dr. Matt Siegler
Research Scientist msiegler Dallas, TX
sizemore's picture
Dr. Hanna Sizemore
Research Scientist sizemore Marlinton, WV
ecsklute's picture
Dr. Elizabeth Sklute
Research Scientist ecsklute Granby, MA
ibsmith's picture
Dr. Isaac B. Smith
Research Scientist ibsmith Ontario, Canada
lsollitt's picture
Dr. Luke Sollitt
Senior Scientist lsollitt Mt. Pleasant, SC
ssonnett's picture
Dr. Sarah Sonnett
Research Scientist ssonnett Mt. Pleasant, SC
jnspitale's picture
Dr. Joe Spitale
Senior Scientist jnspitale Tucson, AZ 520-547-3951 101
staid's picture
Dr. Matthew Staid
Senior Scientist staid Angwin, CA 707-382-9239 112
jsteckloff's picture
Dr. Jordan Steckloff
Research Scientist jsteckloff Whitmore Lake, MI
jstone's picture
Jesse Stone
Software Developer jstone Tucson, AZ 520-382-0598 141
astonum's picture
Aidan Stonum
IT Intern astonum 520-336-8689
lstonum's picture
Lori Stonum
Staff Accountant lstonum Tucson, AZ 520-382-0447
sykes's picture
Dr. Mark Sykes
PSI CEO & Director sykes Tucson, AZ 520-622-6300 121
stan's picture
Dr. Sugata Tan
Senior Scientist stan Laramie, WY
eft's picture
Dr. Ed Tedesco
Senior Scientist eft Los Lunas, NM 505-807-7945 316
mthomsen's picture
Dr. Michelle Thomsen
Senior Scientist mthomsen Los Alamos, NM
rltokar's picture
Dr. Robert Tokar
Senior Scientist rltokar Santa Fe, NM
ttorres's picture
Tim Torres
Junior Software Programmer ttorres Alton, IL
btravis's picture
Dr. Bryan Travis
Senior Scientist btravis Los Alamos, NM
tricaric's picture
Dr. Pasquale Tricarico
Senior Scientist tricaric Bouchemaine, France 520-547-3954 104
dvaniman's picture
Dr. David Vaniman
Senior Scientist dvaniman Sacramento, CA 805-285-3954 334
fvilas's picture
Dr. Faith Vilas
Senior Scientist fvilas Seabrook, TX 520-382-0426 119
rclegg-watkins's picture
Dr. Ryan Clegg Watkins
Research Scientist rclegg-watkins St. Louis, MO
webster's picture
Dr. Kevin Webster
Associate Research Scientist webster Tucson, AZ
sjw's picture
Dr. Stu Weidenschilling
Senior Scientist sjw Tucson, AZ 520-382-0597 129
jweirich's picture
Dr. John Weirich
Postdoctoral Research Scientist jweirich Tucson, AZ 520-352-1038 149
pweissman's picture
Dr. Paul Weissman
Senior Scientist pweissman Pasadena, CA
weitz's picture
Dr. Cathy Weitz
Senior Scientist weitz Arlington, VA 571-766-0600 310
lwelzenbach's picture
Linda Welzenbach
Senior Research Associate lwelzenbach Houston, TX
mwhite's picture
Mackenzie White
Research Assistant mwhite San Antonio, TX
williams's picture
Dr. Rebecca Williams
Senior Scientist williams Waunakee, WI
awilson's picture
Annie Wilson
Communication Specialist awilson Youngstown, OH
jwitry's picture
Jason Witry
Research Assistant jwitry Charleston, SC
cwood's picture
Dr. Chuck Wood
Senior Scientist cwood Wheeling, WV
swood's picture
Dr. Stephen Wood
Senior Scientist swood Seattle, WA
swright's picture
Dr. Shawn Wright
Senior Scientist swright Pittsburgh, PA
yamashita's picture
Dr. Naoyuki Yamashita
Senior Scientist yamashita Albuquerque, NM 505-369-7747 333
yingst's picture
Dr. R. Aileen Yingst
Senior Scientist yingst Brunswick, ME
kelly's picture
Kelly Yoder
Sponsored Projects Manager kelly Tucson, AZ 520-382-0498 125
tyuhas's picture
Terrill Yuhas
Information Technology Manager tyuhas Tucson, AZ 520-545-0949 115


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