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Dr. Karly Pitman

Karly Pitman Research Scientist
Planetary Science Institute



Dr. Karly Pitman's research interests involve light scattering of micron-sized dust particles in planetary and astrophysical environments, with emphasis on connections between theoretical models, laboratory spectra, and astronomical observations or geologic field data. She specializes in:


  • Radiative transfer modeling of planetary surfaces, atmospheric aerosols, and interstellar dust particles at visible to infrared wavelengths
  • Quantitative interpretation of laboratory and field infrared spectroscopy of candidate dust and ice grains
  • Optical constant derivation
  • Planets and satellites: Mars, Titan
  • Astromineralogy: composition and physical properties of circumstellar and interstellar dust

For a full listing of publications, projects, and recent activities, see Dr. Pitman's CV.


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