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Henry Throop Personal/Professional Page


Henry Throop, Senior Research Scientist

UNAM, Mexico City, 2008-2010
Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, CO 2000-2008
PhD University of Colorado, 2000
BA Grinnell College, 1994

Research Interests
o Planetary Rings
o Protoplanetary Disks
o Dust in the Solar System
o Formation of Organic Molecules
o Early History of the Solar System
o Formation of Extrasolar Planets
o New Horizons Mission to Pluto

Cool Software I've Written
o Geo Viz - A solar system simulator used for planning observations. Used by New Horizons, Cassini, Rosetta, Lunar Recon Orbiter, MESSENGER, and many other missions. It's a robust and easy to use web-based observing planning tool for seeing what the sky looks like from a spacecraft or the Earth. Winner of 'IDL Applications of the Year' award, from RSI.

My Papers on ADS

Personal Page

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