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Maria Banks Personal/Professional Page

Maria Banks, Alaska



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NASA Funded Research Projects:

  •      1) Lead Investigator, Analysis of Global and Local Trends in Aeolian Bedform Mobility on Mars, NASA Mars Data Analysis Program, 4 collaborators:
  • - Conduct change detection analysis of wind-blown landforms on Mars using HiRISE data.
    - Quantitatively assess trends on a global and local scale between variations in the characteristics of bedforms, their surrounding environment, bedform mobility, and rates of movement, to determine factors that are most influential on Martian wind velocities and most conducive to mobilization of bedforms under the current climatic conditions.

      2) Lead Investigator, Mercury's Lobate Scarps: Constraining the Timing and Duration of Formation, NASA Planetary Mission Data Analysis Program, 1 Co-Investigator, 2 collaborators:
- Conduct detailed morphometric measurements and characterization of tectonic landforms using remote sensing data from the MESSENGER and Mariner 10 Missions.
- Reconstruct timing and duration of tectonic activity to provide insight into the thermal evolution of Mercury through development of a modified buffered crater counting technique and through cross cutting relationships between lobate scarps and craters in differing stages of degradation.
- Worked with collaborators to create and revise a database of morphologically fresh craters (rayed craters and fresh craters without rays) with inferred Kuiperian and Mansurian ages, and determined the first age constraints, based on crater counts, for Mercury's two most recent periods in its chronostratigraphic sequence (Kuiperian and Mansurian).

3) Co-Investigator, Utilizing Morphometric Properties of Craters to Characterize the Seismological Signature of Recent Impact Events on Mars, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program, 3 additional team members:
- Quantitatively analyze the morphometry, cluster dispersion, and target properties of recent dated impacts on Mars to facilitate characterization of the seismological signature of impact events expected to be detected by future landing missions with seismometers, such as the InSight mission.

4) Contractor, LROC image and data analysis:
- Complete detailed morphometric measurements and mapping of tectonic landforms using images, laser altimeter data, and digital terrain models to provide insight into the tectonic and thermal evolution of the Moon.
- Investigate the displacement-length relationship of thrust faults associated with lobate scarps on the Moon.

 Maria Banks, Snow Pit, West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Antarctica

Maria Banks, indicating modern ice/snow layers, similar to those beng studied in ice cores, in a homemade snow pit at the field site for the WAIS Divide Ice Core Drilling Project, West Antartic Ice Sheet, Antarctica

Maria Banks, field work, Alaska

Maria Banks, working a solar powered field spectrometer, Allen Glacier, Alaska

Maria Banks, WAIS Divide

Maria Banks, arrival at field site for work as a science technician (with a lap harp!) for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core Drilling Project, Antarctica.

Maria Banks, Mars Day

Maria Banks, talking with the public about working and living in Antarctica and the science of ice cores, Mars Day, Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum

Maria Banks, field work, Sheridan Glacier, Alaska


Maria Banks, hiking in Antarctica with a view of Mt. Terror, near McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

 West Antarctic Ice Sheet.












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