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Jeff Morgenthaler

J.P. Morgenthaler Senior Scientist
Planetary Science Institute



I like to think of myself as an experimental physicist whose laboratory opens to the sky. Following this philosophy, I have used comets to measure the ionization lifetime of carbon in interplanetary space and the dissociation branching ratios of OH. I am working toward a measurement of the lifetime of CO, measuring periodicities found in the Jovian magnetosphere to study the fundamental properties of Alfvén waves and am using Jupiter's innermost Galilean satellite, Io, as an in situ probe of the electron density in the Io plasma torus. For my Ph.D. thesis work, I studied the spectrum of the diffuse X-ray background with a Space Shuttle Payload of Opportunity and a sounding rocket employing one of the first single-photon calorimetric X-ray

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