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Painting Gallery -- Mars

Painting Gallery: Mars
384 - First on Mars 209 - First in the Dunes of Mars
384 -- First on Mars. In this visualization, a robotic supply ship has been set down on Mars prior to the human landing (background). Once it is known to be on the surface in working order, astronauts land in a second vehicle (right). The Mars landscape in this view was sketched from volcanic and sand-dune terrain in the Pinacate lava fields of Sonora, Mexico. (Copyright William K. Hartmann). 209 -- First in the Dunes of Mars. Mars Global Surveyor has increased the sense from earlier missions that dust drifts and dunes are important land forms, and that much of Mars is blanketed by deposits of dust. This was painted at Death Valley National Monument, California. (Copyright William K. Hartmann).
104 - Exploring Mars 211 - Drilling station in the Martian polar terrain
104 -- Exploring Mars. Stratified outcrops, such as shown here, will be a target of interest in order to assess soils of different ages that might allow us to reconstruct ancient Martian environmental conditions. (Copyright William K. Hartmann). 211 -- Drilling station in the Martian polar terrain. The stratified deposits at both Martian poles are an interesting target for exploration. The strata appear to have been built up over many cycles of climatic variation, possibly associated with cycles of change in Mars' axial tilt. Also, this terrain may mark areas where frozen H2O ice melted during some climate cycles. Ancient sediments might be especially important in revealing early condition that could have fostered microbial life on Mars. Drilling stations might be one way to obtain good records of the stratigraphy. (Copyright William K. Hartmann).
149 - Discovering a Geothermal Steam Vent in a Caldera on Mars
149 -- Discovering a Geothermal Steam Vent in a Caldera on Mars. This was painted at Kilauea caldera in Hawaii. (Copyright William K. Hartmann).

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