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Here is a collection of paintings from travels outside southern Arizona's Sonoran Desert. Northern Arizona has the canyons and grasslands of the Colorado Plateau. Many people's image of the Southwest come from the painters who settled around Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, in the 1920s. That country has a very different landscape and sky, with higher altitudes, fewer cacti, and many puffy cumulus clouds which we lack in the Sonoran Desert. Everywhere is open space and grand vistas!

445.5 - Meadowlands in lower Galiuro Mts., Arizona Springtime in the Pinacate Mountains
445.5 -- Meadowlands in lower Galiuro Mts., Arizona. This is an foothill area of high grasslands in southeast Arizona. The southeastern Arizona grasslands and ranchlands are little known to travelers and even to Arizona residents. Painted from nature during a camping trip. (Copyright William K. Hartmann). 3 -- Springtime in the Pinacate Mountains, near Cerro Colorado Crater, Sonora, Mexico. Painted from nature. (Copyright William K. Hartmann).


In Arches National Monument

9 -- In Arches National Monument. The undersides of clouds reflect the red soil of the region. Painted from nature. (Copyright William K. Hartmann).


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