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CV of David A. Crown

Curriculum Vitae

David A. Crown

Senior Scientist/Assistant Director

Planetary Science Institute

1700 E. Ft. Lowell Rd., Suite 106

Tucson, AZ  85719

Phone:  (520) 622-6300

Fax:  (520) 622-8060

E-mail:  crown [at]


Ph.D., Geology, Arizona State University, 1991, Dissertation “Volcanism in the Eastern Hellas Region of Mars:  The Geology of Hadriaca and Tyrrhena Paterae,” 229 pp. (Faculty Advisor:  Ronald Greeley).

B.S., Geology-Physics/Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude, Honors), Brown University, 1985, Thesis “Spectral Properties of Plagioclase and Pyroxene Mixtures,” 64 pp. (Thesis Advisor:  Carle Pieters).

New Trier High School East, 1981 (Winnetka, IL)

Professional Experience

2001-                Research Scientist (2001), Senior Scientist (2002-  ), and Assistant Director (2006-  ), PSI

1994-2007          Assistant (1994-2001), Adjunct Assistant (2001-2004), and Adjunct Associate (2004-2007)

Professor, Department of Geology and Planetary Science, University of Pittsburgh

2000-2002          Consultant, EventScope Project, Carnegie Mellon University

1992-1993          National Research Council Research Associate, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

1985-1991          Graduate Research Associate, Department of Geology, Arizona State University

1984-1985          Research Assistant, Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University

Research Interests and Activities

  • ·       Planetary geology, physical volcanology, and remote sensing
  • ·       Use of spacecraft and airborne remote sensing data for geologic analyses of planetary surface features and processes
  • ·       Geologic mapping of Mars, Venus, and Io
  • ·       Field investigations of volcanic deposits
  • ·       Development and application of emplacement models for geologic flows

Research Grants Awarded

2003-                Principal Investigator (and Co-I, 2000- ), NASA Mars Data Analysis Program

2001-2004          Principal Investigator, NASA Mars Global Surveyor Data Analysis Program

1994-                Principal Investigator (and Co-I, 2002- ), NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program

1998-2000, 2003-    Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator, NASA Education/Public Outreach Programs

2005-2008          Co-Investigator, NASA Outer Planets Research Program

2005-2008          Co-Investigator, NSF AST-Major Research Instrumentation

2003-2007          Co-Investigator, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program

1999-2001          Co-Investigator, NASA Planetary Instrument Definition and Development Program

1998-2000          Co-Investigator, NSF EAR/Awards to Facilitate Geoscience Education

1993-1995          Co-Investigator, NASA Venus Data Analysis Program

Memberships in Professional Societies

2006-                Affiliate Member, Division for Planetary Sciences, American Astronomical Society

1999-                Member, International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s

                              Interior (IAVCEI)

1990-                Member, Geological Society of America

1986-                Member, American Geophysical Union

1985-                Member, Sigma Xi Science Research Honor Society

Selected Professional Activities

2008                 Member, Organizing Committee, Second Workshop on Mars Valley Networks, Moab, UT

2007                 Judge, Outstanding Student Paper Awards, Fall Meeting, Planetary Sciences Section, American Geophysical Union

2007                 Member, Organizing Committee, 2007 NASA/USGS Planetary Geologic Mapping Program Meeting, Tucson, AZ

2006-                Member, Research Committee, Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, Chicago, IL

2002-                Member, Board of Advisors—Science and Exploration, Mars Institute

2001-                Member, Board of Trustees, Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, Chicago, IL

1996-                Member and Chair (1997-1999), Geologic Mapping Subcommittee of Planetary Cartography and Geologic Mapping Working Group, NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program

PSI, a Nonprofit Corporation 501(c)(3), and an Equal Opportunity/M/F/Vet/Disabled/Affirmative Action Employer.
1700 East Fort Lowell, Suite 106 * Tucson, AZ 85719-2395 * 520-622-6300 * FAX: 520-622-8060
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