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PSI Open House a Big Success

About 60 people attended PSI’s Open House event March 26 to learn about some of the exciting work being done by our researchers.
Above, PSI Director and CEO Marks Sykes and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild discuss a 3-D video showing the giant asteroid Vesta.
Above, PSI Research Assistant Emily Joseph discusses how our view of Mars has changed over the past 50 years, from the first glimpses of Mariner IV to the incredible work of HiRISE.
Below, PSI Senior Scientist Bill Hartmann led an art tour of PSI’s Tucson buildings, which feature dozens of Hartmann’s paintings on display.
Above, PSI Research Scientist Dan Berman uses the SOCET SET workstation to show 3-D images and digital models of the terrain of Mars.
Below, PSI Senior Scientist Bill Feldman shows visitors an engineering model of the Lunar Prospector neutron spectrometer that found water on the Moon.

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