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PSI Researchers Create High-Resolution Lunar Map



In March of 2015, PSI researchers Aileen Yingst, Frank Chuang, and Dan Berman gathered at PSI-Tucson to discuss work on a new high-resolution geologic map of the far side of the Moon. The map covers one of 30 lunar quadrangles and utilizes data from recent missions such as Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Clementine.

“Early geologic maps of the Moon in the 1970s were created using photos where objects no smaller than 300 to 500 meters could be resolved. This new map is based on images with resolutions at 100 meters per pixel or better,” Yingst said.

Other collaborators on the lunar geologic map include PSI researcher Scott Mest. Of the 30 lunar quadrangles available for mapping, three are currently being mapped by PSI researchers.

Above, from left, Dan Berman, Frank Chuang and Aileen Yingst discuss the lunar mapping project.

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